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All businesses need certain IT support services to function,  remain compliant, focused, confident and operating efficiently.  Wether you are looking at new hardware, looking to migrate to the cloud, or looking at increasing operating costs, GreenLight Data Solutions can guide you toward the IT solution that will keep your business on the right path.

Managed Services

Our consultants provide solutions to meet your current requirements and will help you plan your network to accomodate your company's growth.

We use the industry's leading firewalls, virus scanners and directory services to protect your data from both internal and external predators.
We will design and implement the best available redundancies to help minimize network outages and keep your company working.
We will also help your organization modify your network existing wiring infrastructure for both data and telephony.

Cloud Services


What is cloud computing? Simply put, it’s the use of hardware and/or software delivered over a network. Why deal with the potential headaches associated with the installation and maintenance of equipment or applications when you can use these services in the cloud?


Outsourced IT

Many companies never realize the benefits of a well-run IT department because it is difficult to find the necessary skills in one or even several people. The information technology field has become one of specialization.  GreenLight Data Solutions can provide all the required expertise to keep your business running smoothly, whether we’re supplementing your existing IT Department, or managing your needs full-time. If you have a network, regardless of its size, your business needs all the same skills and support that a large corporation would require.. Whether you need constant support, or just a few hours a month, GreenLight will develop a customized and cost-effective plan tailored to your business’s needs


Network Monitoring

​Proactive network monitoring is the key to minimize downtime and keep your business running smoothly.
Without a monitoring solution, you are simply guessing what will fail and when. GreenLight takes the guesswork out of network maintenance with our 24×7 network monitoring management service.

IT Consulting

GreenLight Data Solutions has a full service consulting offering that delivers results-oriented business and information technology solutions to small and mid-sized companies.
We are successful because we work with you and your business to understand your business goals and requirements and then help to identify how technology can help you meet those objectives. We bring years of experience in small business consulting across a wide variety of industries to your business. Our goal is to help you focus on your business and take the strain of technology management off your shoulders.

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