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IT Consulting

GreenLight Data Solutions IT Consulting is a full service offering that delivers results-oriented information technology solutions to small and mid-sized companies.

We are successful because we work with you and your business team to understand your business objectives and then help to identify how technology can help you meet those objectives. We bring years of experience in small, medium, and large business consulting across a wide variety of industries to your business. Our goal is to help you focus on your business and take the strain of technology management off your shoulders.

We take the time to learn and understand each client's business and use technology to augment the day to day operations providing a competitive edge.  We
identify ways to address your concerns, meet your business objectives, and have technology enable your business to be more efficient and productive. We present these options with costs and schedule to you and explain the benefits of the options.

Our seasoned consultants will work with you to analyze your needs, create a custom solution and implement a timely plan. Collaborating as a team, we provide unparalleled business value to further your success.  Our business success depends on your business success so we work very hard to help you be successful.


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