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Network Monitoring

Proactive network monitoring is the key to minimize downtime and keep your business running smoothly.  Without it, you are simply guessing what will fail and when.  GreenLight Data Solutions takes the guesswork out of network maintenance with our 24×7 network monitoring management service.

In a nutshell, GreenLight Data Solutions provides IT monitoring services through remote agents that continuously provides system health and asset information back to our centralized servers.  This information is use to determine if the hardware, software, system patches, antivirus, backups or other critical services are functioning properly.  If a problem is detected, a ticket is submitted to our technicians and the problem can be remotely resolved.  This is all accomplished without you or someone in your company needing to manually submit a ticket.

GreenLight Data Solutions can perform any IT support and management task or process that needs to be accomplished remotely, efficiently and non-intrusively.

Additional features:

  •   Patch Management
  •   Network Monitoring
  •   Services Monitoring
  •   Anti-Virus Monitoring
  •   Backup Monitoring
  •   Software Monitoring
  •   Remote Access for Technicians
  •   Management ticket and reporting
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