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Outsourced IT

IT success is defined in many ways. How well are costs being managed? Are operational service level agreements being met? Do the application systems you deliver meet client's functional, time and quality expectation? Is there a strategy in place for the future?

GreenLight Data Solutions offers a variety of IT perfessional services to enable your organization to run more efficiently and meet your business requirements and goals.  These services address the aspects of reducing cost, increasing capabilities and creating an IT environment that works with your business.  Our technicians deliver solutions that focus on the dependencies between your business requirements and your business goals.  Wether you require assistance assessing IT application architecure, managing a complex wide area network implementation or just upgrading your your hardware or software, GreenLight can get you there.

Our proactive approach to IT solutions and services gives our customers the freedom to focus on their business instead of worrying about fixing, maintaining or monitoring their network. GreenLight has the advanced expertise to become our customer’s trusted advisor, partner, and IT solutions provider, far beyond standard tech support. We’re qualified to assist with all phases of IT management, including procurement services and complex projects.

Our Promise:

     •      Best practices review
     •      Assessments

     •      Vulnerability reviews and penetration tests
     •      Policy, Program, Architecture, Planning, Procedures
     •      Support Plans
     •      Technical solutions design and implementation
           •      Business Continuity
           •      Disaster Recovery
           •      Incident Response
           •      Disaster Recovery Solutions 


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